Tapestries & Fabrics

One of the most frequently asked questions of a framer is "Should my textile be framed behind glass?"

Well there is more than one answer to this question and opinion vary wildly! However, there are a few things to consider.

  • The Location: Will the textile be lit by natural daylight? If so, it is best to use a glazing material that contains an ultraviolet filter to reduce damage from at least that portion of the light spectrum. At Artisan we can provide all types of glazing materials including Standard glass, 99% UV protection, conservation and museum grades, as well as various types of acrylic across the same quality grades.
  • Size: Glass and acrylics come in sizes from 32”x 40” (812 x 1016mm),up to 48” x 96” (1219 x 2348mm). If your piece is larger than this it may become difficult to obtain a glazing material suitable.
  • Environmental control: If dust and dirt are a problem, or there are smokers in your house, glazing is recommended. Without this kind of protection, a textile may need more frequent cleaning.
  • Drape: Handmade textiles are frequently somewhat irregular in shape and may tend to ripple as they hang on the wall. If this three-dimensional character is an important part of the presentation of the textile, it is best hung without framing

No matter what the size or type of tapestry or fabric, we can help you with the decision, the design and the supply of everything you require!