Past Exhibitions

Consistently Unpredictable

Frank DeCorso

  • From 4/12/2016 to 2/1/2017
  • Exhibition Opening: Sunday 4/12/2016 3-5pm

"We are constantly surrounded by the worlds beauty.

Our attitude, mood & frame of mind determines whether we recognise that beauty.

I choose to embrace the beauty...

I choose to capture the beauty."

Frank Decorso



The Four Elements

Audrey Kooyman:

  • From 4/11/2016 to 28/11/2016
  • Exhibition Opening: Sunday 6/11/2016 - 3-5pm
  • Guest Speaker: Stephen Attrill

The Four Elements is based on Earth, Fire, Water & Air.  This is a continuation of work Audrey exhibited regionally in 2014.

A lot of the works are abstracts of her imagination, rather than with specific time or place - explorations of emotional and psychological landscapes.

Audrey wants this work to evoke emotions.



Colourful Expressions

Emerald Cat & Liz Powley:

  • From 2/10/2016 to 31/10/2016
  • Exhibition Opening: Sunday 9/10/2016  3-5pm

A joint exhibition of artworks by Emerald Cat and Liz Powley.

Immerse yourself in the glory of colour, the whimsy of expression and the power o the paintbrush. Original and derivative artworks and jewellery for sale.


Birds of the Hand

Michele Nooteboom:

  • From 4/9/2016 to 26/9/2016
  • Exhibition Opening 3-5pm 4/9/2016


Birds of the Hand'
Contemporary artworks in clay and on paper.
Michele Nooteboom of Nuttree Studio in South Australia is renowned for her quirky sculptures in clay, often combined with found objects such as vintage cutlery. Her work has been described as "joyful" and "engaging".

Michele has been a full time practicing artist for over 10 years and is a former arts lecturer with TAFE SA and continues her passion for sharing creative discovery in private and community classes and workshops. She has exhibited extensively in this time in many group exhibitions, winning the "Best Outdoor Sculpture" prize in the 2009 Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures. Her works sell in numerous retail outlets in South Australia and interstate.
In this, her first solo exhibition, she will focus her creativity on birds.
From life size penguins to tiny fairy wrens - in clay and drawings - all with the signature Nuttree Studio style.
Need more enticement to stop by and see this exhibition? Check out - 


Hill Starters!

Andrea Dale, Cathy Elston, Chelle Destefano, Dianne Hedger, Leeza Peters Lynda Duke, Mandy Gould, Maureen Prichard, Michele Nooteboom, Sean McGovern, Tania Hayes, Wayan Dudug

  • From 7/8/2016 to 29/8/2016
  • Exhibition Opening: 3-5pm 7/8/2016
  • Guest Speaker: John Hill -  SALA Festival Chair

A reunion exhibition by Artists who studied or lectured at O'Halloran Hill TAFE Visual Arts.



Chelle & Kathy Duo

Chelle Destefano & Kathy Smith:

  • From 2/7/2016 to 1/8/2016
  • Exhibition Opening: 5-7pm 2/7/2016
  • Guest Speaker: Penny Griggs - General Manager SALA Festival

Chelle Destefano, an international artist, born in Melbourne and living in Adelaide paints using watercolour and mixed media to depict her quirky view of the world. Some of her artworks are serious, funny, sad, or lighthearted. As she travels through life and the world, she is faced with things that awe her mind or make her feel things, and she connects those into her paintings. She is a visual storyteller and often has found, without knowing, her stories in her artworks become the others' stories. A viewer will come and see her artworks and always at least one will say "that is my story too" and they feel a connection to her artworks.

Kathy Smith lives in the small town of Strathalbyn in South Australia and over the last few years have taken up painting mainly in acrylics with some charcoal occasionally added in. Since a early age she has always loved drawing but was never brave enough to add paint to paper. She has been exhibiting at the Stationmasters Gallery, Strathalbyn and has some paintings in a local cafe called Cart and Kettle. Changing a blank canvas into something beautiful is very rewarding and she hopes people get some enjoyment from viewing them.


Mixed bag!

A mixture of artists and art styles:

  • From 1/6/2016 to 27/6/2016

There is nothing like having a mixed bag of lollies! Likewise having a mixture of artworks with a variety of styles and mediums.



16 established and emerging local artists:

  • From 3/4/2016 to 3/5/2016
  • Exhibition Opening: 3/4/2016
  • Guest Speaker: John Hill – Chair of SALA Festival

An Exhibition all about NOW!

Emerging and established local artists combine to display their latest original artworks.

The first group exhibition curated by Artisan Custom Framing & Gallery.

Artists: David Washington, Audrey Kooyman, Rae Nation, Geoffrey Stapleton, Deanna Mooney, Lynda Duke, Gerry McMahon, Pauline Peters, Meaghan Williams, Maureen Prichard, Chelle Destefano, Liz Powley, Ali Burns-Green, Leeza Peters, Jude Stapleton, Ian Newton


Pauline Peters:

  • From 6/3/2016 to 29/3/2016
  • Exhibition Opening: 6/3/2016
  • Guest Speaker:Peter Bates & Leeza Peters

Pauline Peters has been interested art since she was a small child. It was after moving to the picturesque southern seaside of Christies Beach with her writer husband that she began painting Australian scenes for overseas markets.

Art was put on hold for a few years while Pauline was raising two young daughters and working full time. However, her passion for art could not be suppressed and with regular trips to the Flinders Ranges and various beaches she once again began to capture Australia’s beauty and magic on canvas.

Pauline exhibits in both city and country regions and many of her works have been sold locally and abroad.

Painting works for this exhibition has given Pauline much pleasure and she hopes you enjoy it too...


Peter Consadine:

  • From 5/2/2016 to 29/2/2016
  • Exhibition Opening: N/A
  • Guest Speaker: N/A

Peter Consadine spent twenty-five years as a professional dancer, performing with the Australian Ballet Company and as a Freestyle Dancer. In 1998 he became the number one Freestyle Dancer in the world.

After being a Personal Trainer for twenty-seven years, Peter sustained a severe and debilitating back injury and sadly had to retire from dancing. Unable to work and after losing almost everything he had, he turned to his only other passion, Art.

He picked up a paintbrush, taught himself to paint and three years later, this is the result...

Enjoy the exhibition.