Memorabilia & Medals


At Artisan we love sport and we also love the opportunity to frame your sporting and other memorabilia!

Cricket bats, hockey bats, tennis racquets, pool cues, boxing gloves, footy Jumpers, any type of ball, even car parts! you name it we can frame it! Bring in your treasured memorabilia for a free consultation and together we can determine how to present it so that it shines on forever.


We also specialise not just in framing medals but we mount them too. There are two ways to mount medals, namely Court Mount and Swing Mount. With Court Mounting the medals are held down firmly against a backing ribbon. Because of this, the medals are prevented from moving which in turn prevents them from striking against each other which can mark or even damage your medals.

With swing mounting the medals are attached to a mounting bar brooch and each medal can then ‘swing’ freely from the brooch. The majority of original medals are court mounted, however some customers prefer the swing mount method so we are happy to continue to provide the service.

We can also provide replica medals. Many veterans and their families do not want to wear their originals and come to Artisan for replicas. We can provide replicas for all medals, complete with ribbons and mounted according you your wishes.

We only use regulation ribbons and the best quality brooches and take great care to adhere to the medal mounting regulations and protocols as set down by the relevant authorities.

Should you wish to frame your medals, we are only happy to provide a free consultation service to work with you to determine the best way to frame your medals. We can even provide access frames that can be opened to take your medals out for Anzac Day or other special occasions, then when finished pop them back in, without the need for a trip to the framers!

Please contact us to help you with your medal requirements.