Fine Art

At Artisan, we care about Art and want to help you preserve your art for future generations. As members of the Picture Framers Guild of Australia, we understand and live by the five Guild Industry Standards of conservation framing.

Category 1 – Minimum - This level provides basic low cost framing

Category 2 – Decorator – no Conservation characteristics

Category 3 – All materials used are benign (acid Free) – 5 Years protection

Category 4 – Conservation – All materials used are benign, all techniques used are reversible and UV absorbing glazing has been used. (35 Years protection)

When you choose Artisan to frame your artworks you can be assured that we will take utmost care of it and offer you the conservation categories shown above.

We also have access to the finest frame mouldings available, from French gold classic to fine Italian pieces.

We will come to your home or office for a free consultation where we can view your art and work together to determine the best framing method and the most appropriate frame.